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Founding enterprises in Germany means to face challenges in the fields of public administration, tax and finance.

We can support your plans by helping to organize your enterprise:

  • When beginning a business, you must decide which form of business entity to establish.
  • The legal form should adapt to the planned business, the financing concept and the number of persons who want to take part, not vice versa.
  • Secondly questions of risk control are substantial.

Your form of business determines, which income tax return form you have to file.

The most common forms of business are

  • the sole proprietorship (trade business e.K. – registered trader),
  • partnership (Gesellschaft bürgerlichen Rechts / GbR, Partnerschaftsgesellschaft, trade business: Offene Handelsgesellschaft OHG)
  • limited (Gesellschaft bH)
  • corporation (Aktiengesellschaft – AG),

We help you planning your enterprise, structuring finance and developing a business model to bring your plans to life.

The akquisition of existing corporation needs professional support from Due Diligence to detailed agreements and the preparation of the implementation with the notary.


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