Expansion to foreign markets: EU

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Rechtsanwalt Musiol Konferenz

Expansion to foreign markets can be achieved by the following mechanisms:

  • Exporting
  • Licensing
  • Joint Venture
  • Direct Investment

As a local expert, we help you building up bridges by individual agreements that adapt to your business. We avoid adapting your organisation to standard procedures and risk uneffectiveness and a slower development of your business.

First steps of any legal organisation are general agreements, following steps go down to quality standards, rules for distributers and measures to register and defend trade marks and internet domains.

Detailed contracts and a close documentation with co founders and business partners avoid misunderstanding that leads to disputes and legal battles.

Rechtsanwalt Musiol KonferenzTo avoid high costs caused by ineffectiveness, we use the experience of established distribution companies, who have already successfully solved the multiple organisation problems.

With general terms of delivery as a basis for contracts in Germany you avoid unnecessary claims and confusion in your distribution organisation. We adapt your standards to the German legal system.

The decision to establish a distribution system which is directed from home does not exclude an independent organisation in Germany, which can be adapted to local circumstances.

We support your management to outline a financial and cost plan that will be strictly oriented by your individual facts.

We are looking forward to your questions and demands: consulting@ramusiol.de



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