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Our international Network of Experts for small and medium-sized companies

With our flexible European network we can solve your problems in an effective way. Services are not restricted by our personnel like in most law firms. Portrait RA Stefan Musiol

  • Instead, we only deliver the strategic planning and evalutate it considering your given targets, goals and decisions – as a first step
  • If necessary we determine the most experienced expert for the occurring legal problems – in a second step

That can also be an experienced scientist at university or respected member in international law firms, maybe a retired collegue who is known for his experience in the certain subject.
Only that you don’t pay for the whole apparatus of a law firm including the expensive, premium located office buildings. In our opinion an experience, expensive buildings are no as sign of best quality but more a logical garantee for high bills. In our experience, law firms have to cover the representation of a client completely to be cost-effective.



Strategic Consulting instead of aimless lawsuits without economic sense

For 20 years We have been  following the principle of a goal oriented, pragmatic approach to problems instead of focussing on one legal problem or case without considering the strategic goal of the client. The strategy always includes psychological conditions and flexibles ways to find solutions avoiding the long way of fights at court

Without exception, this strategic approach showed success in thousands of single cases, has shortened procedures and found pragmatic results.

Some relevant Milestones in the legal work of Stefan Musiol, the founder:

1999 – 2006     Legal representation of a French citizen and victim of NS-regime against city of Potsdam and the Federal Republik of Germany. Demands were based on restitution-laws and state liability.  Despite heavy defense action by the representatives of the state the optimum result was reached (payment of almost 400.000 € in 2006)

2007 – 2013      Strategic legal representation of several vitims of a Mafia-kind gang operating with falsified and cheatment-achieved executory titles. The enforcement title issued by a succeding bank after the first corrupted German bank that co-operated with the criminals employees was liquidated showed 1,4 Mio €. Stefan Musiol succeded in parrying off the demand completely in several trials. The bank was sentenced to compensate all damages of the client. The second client lost real estate of estimated 5 Mio. € to the gangsters. Musiol succeded in a recompensation to the client to full satisfaction without trial. Strategic-Manager

2013 – today      Successful legal backing of a company starting with a turnover of 1 Mio € pa to 60 Mio € in 2018 against many attempts of competitors that fell back and tried to stop the extraordinary successful client. Stefan Musiol could reach the legal success by a succeeding in all relevant lawsuits.

2013 – 2021    Successful strategic representation and claim in a combined patent-shareholder case for a company seated in India. The German defendant was sentenced by the patent special court in Mannheim to the full compensation of the investment 1.05 Mio. € + interest, the amount he claimed. The appeal is running.

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