strategic consulting and representation as an effective solution to sustain and defend success

After new regulations on data safety for customers governments in Europe made an approach to improve data safety for enterprises. Presently there is almost no general regulation against plagiarism and a disclosure of know-how and trade secrets. In 2018 companies faced some new legal challenges in Europe, like new standards concerning data safety. Some consultants made a big threat out ... Read More

German answer to the Limited: “Unternehmergesellschaft” (UG) The entrepreneurs’ company as Micro-GmbH – or Saving Capital Incorporated The name of the newest legal form in Germany is not misleading. Similar to easy forms in other countries a simple form has been legally established in 2008 in Germany. Investing not more than 1 € + costs it can be established by … Read More

Well known and popular – but just or simply – the company for every purpose: Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung They exist in all sizes, industries, and with a variety of content: hotels, industrial companies, retailers, banks, even tax consultants or lawyers, everything is organized in a GmbH. So if you don’t want to think for a long time, don’t expect … Read More

Our international Network of Experts for small and medium-sized companies and its milestones of success With our flexible European network we can solve your problems in an effective way. Services are not restricted by our available experts like in most law firms. Instead, we deliver strategic planning under the conditions of European laws, always considering your interests, given targets, goals … Read More

Only trade marks protect your brands effectively from faking and copying! Registering a German trade mark is very cheap (from 300 Euros). It will be the lowest but most important post in your cost plan. You pay a basic registration fee of 290 € including three classes and 100 € for additional classes. An EU-Trademark (EuIPO tm) that provides protection ... Read More

Expansion to foreign markets can be achieved by the following mechanisms: Exporting Licensing Joint Venture Direct Investment As a EU-wide expert, we help you building up bridges by individual agreements that adapt to your business. We avoid adapting your organisation to standard procedures and risk uneffectiveness and a slower development of your business. First steps of any legal organisation are ... Read More

Founding enterprises in Germany means to face challenges in the fields of public administration, tax and finance. We can support your plans by helping to organize your enterprise: When beginning a business, you must decide which form of business entity to establish. The legal form should adapt to the planned business, the financing concept and the number of persons who … Read More

Канцелярия в профиль: Канцелярии Штефана Музиола это следствие многолетнего    опыта    консультирования предприятий малого и   среднего бизнеса в рамках   юридической   и    стратегической консультативной   помощи   по    вопросам экономической деятельности предприятия, которая  была  открыта  ее  владельцем – Штефаном Музиолом в 2002 году. Канцелярия включена в сеть специализированных, независимых консультантов малого и среднего бизнеса, целью которых является целенаправленное, эффективное, ориентированное на проблемы и … Read More


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