Trade and business secrets in the EU and how to avoid disclosure and plagiarism

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After new regulations on data safety for customers governments in Europe made an approach to improve data safety for enterprises. Presently there is almost no general regulation against plagiarism and a disclosure of know-how and trade secrets. In 2018 companies faced some new legal challenges in Europe, like new standards concerning data safety. Some consultants made a big threat out … Read More

Before you start your business or a new product: save your brands with trade marks

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Only trade marks protect your brands effectively from faking and copying! Registering a German trade mark is very cheap (from 300 Euros). It will be the lowest but most important post in your cost plan. You pay a basic registration fee of 290 € including three classes and 100 € for additional classes. An EU-Trademark (EuIPO tm) that provides protection ... Read More

acquisition in Germany

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Founding enterprises in Germany means to face challenges in the fields of public administration, tax and finance. We can support your plans by helping to organize your enterprise: When beginning a business, you must decide which form of business entity to establish. The legal form should adapt to the planned business, the financing concept and the number of persons who … Read More